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It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from: winning a place at an Oxbridge university can be incredibly tough. If you’ve excelled throughout your schooling and are aiming for an Oxbridge place, you will need to ensure your application is a cut above the rest. That’s where we come in …

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Our specialist Oxbridge Personal Statement service is provided by highly skilled academics, many of whom studied your subject at Oxford or Cambridge university. Their direct experience means they can craft the perfect sample statement. One that clearly communicates your knowledge and ability within even the most niche and specialist of academic areas.

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Whichever course at Oxford or Cambridge you are applying for, and whichever college, we can help. Make sure you provide us with everything you can regarding your academic achievements and extracurricular interests, and we’ll create the prefect personal statement and application example for you to model your own on. Our prices start at just £150.

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Your experienced academic mentor will send the completed statement and application straight back to you within the timeframe you’ve agreed. All you’ll need to do is check it over, add your own personal stamp, and send it off.

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Everyone knows that the two Oxbridge universities and their colleges are among the world’s very best. This means that you, too, will need to present yourself as a world-class student with a personal statement that really presents your potential. Let us help you show Oxbridge admissions tutors that you are exactly what their colleges need.
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We have many years of experience helping students with their Oxbridge applications. This is because our specialists have often been there themselves – in more ways than one! We’ll be able to match you with a mentor who truly understands your subject and what it means to study at your first-choice college at Oxford or Cambridge. The sample personal statement they provide will speak directly to the heads and hearts of Oxbridge admissions tutors and show you at your best.

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Our long-accumulated personal experience coupled with professional rigour are the reasons Oxbridge applicants have been using and recommending us for 17 years – and counting! We provide exceptional customer service, with our undergraduate and postgraduate mentors always helping you to achieve the results you need.

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All the bespoke examples of an Oxbridge personal statement we deliver demonstrate a flair with language that really helps your personality stand out from the page. Our specialists will show you how to perfectly phrase your personal interests and abilities to make the best impression with admissions tutors. And they’ll do it within the deadlines you set.

How do we create your personal statement?

Depending on how much work you need our academic editors to do on your application, we offer two different packages – Standard and Premium:

Structure and coherence

We’ll make sure everything an Oxbridge admissions officer needs to know about you is presented logically, succinctly and favourably.

Skills and achievements

We’ll put your best foot forward, clearly showing your abilities and concisely explaining the reasons you want to study your course – and why you’re the best person to do it.

Word Count

We'll strictly adhere to your instructions, making you look your best within the word and character counts allowed by your Oxbridge college.


Send us your own statement – and you can be confident that you’ll get it back polished to perfection, with all errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar corrected.


We’ll make sure your personal statement is structured clearly and logically, and written in error-free British or American English.


Your statement will be analysed by an expert in your chosen subject – their detailed comments and feedback will help ensure your application meets the exacting standards of any major university.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee a great personal statement?
We certainly can! We’ll match your details and requests with one of our experienced Oxbridge academic mentors, who will use our tried and tested 30-point quality control process to ensure your work is delivered to the highest of standards.
What are the differences between your three services?
If you need a new statement, created from scratch, our writing service is for you. Or, you can send us your own existing statement. We can either proofread for grammar and spelling, give a more thorough edit, or simply provide feedback on how you can improve your application's chances.
Can I order online?
Yes, indeed! There’s no need to speak to one of our consultants. Upload your information in as much detail as possible via our website, pay for the service you need and then we’ll let you know as soon as your work is completed and ready to be downloaded.
How quickly can you get it done?
We can work to your deadlines. Just let us know how soon you’ll need the finished work at checkout. We can often deliver professionally proofread documents in as little as 2 hours.

Ask us anything!

If you’re not sure exactly what you need or how best to approach the Oxbridge application process, our team of academic consultants are here to support you – many have been through the process themselves and some are employed at Oxford or Cambridge still.
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