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Oxbridge Personal Statements is the leading undergraduate, postgraduate and professional personal statement writing service in the UK. Founded in 2005, our highly qualified network of academics – all of whom have Masters and PhDs from world-class institutions – have helped students secure a place at university, including Oxford, Cambridge and leading medical and law schools. With over ten years experience and thousands of happy customers, we know exactly what it takes to catch an admissions tutor’s eye.

“Since 2005, Oxbridge Personal Statements has helped 1000’s of students successfully start at the university of their choice.”



Oxbridge Personal Statements boasts a team of world-leading academics who provide application assistance for university, medical school, law school, MBA and postgraduate candidates. No matter where you are headed on your educational journey, our personal statement service can help maximise your chance of success.

“I’m loving Durham University and would never have got here without Oxbridge Personal Statements!” – Sarah, History

With so many qualified candidates competing for a limited number of places, we can help make a compelling case as to why you should be accepted over and above anyone else.

Don’t take a chance on your future: make a choice which transforms your application from good to great.

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